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Avoiding What Doesn’t Matter Right This Second #1
Avoiding What Doesn’t Matter Right This Second #1
Digital illustration

Clare Nelson - Artist Statement

Avoiding What Doesn’t Matter Right This Second” is a series of illustrations explaining my current mentality and position in life. I am faced with a lot of uncertainty as a soon-to-be graduate, and this demands that I both reflect on my present situation and focus on what I want to see in my future. In doing so, I have been driven to contemplate my life on a deeper, more existential level as well. I will never truly understand my (or anyone’s or anything’s) true reason for existing, but I have recently decided that the best thing I can do is carry on and not let all my unanswerable questions complicate my life. This series has allowed me to further explore the versatility of the digital medium, and more importantly to conjure feelings of humor, fear, and comfort through the use of lighthearted colors and characters contrasted with murky, star-dusted voids. These conflicting elements signify the ups and downs of reality and all of its accompanying emotions. But above all, in the process of creating these illustrations, I have been able to escape from my more serious thoughts and relax into a state of mind that it all about the “here and now.”

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