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Black Summer
Black Summer
6" x 8" x 52"

Jesse Goodwin - Artist Statement

My artist practice is a balance between fieldwork and studio work. By obtaining discarded, second-hand, and resourced fabrics, I am directly interested in augmenting the notion of adornment and textile origin. Choosing to work with these materials allows the focus to reside heavily in its materiality and positions my work in a contemporary context that is ever-changing. I am also interested in including found scrap metals to portions of the works to represent a greater notion of industry. Through the flexible material, I intend to raise questions of source, origin, date, and functionality, giving life to the spectacle of adornment. As clothing is an essential element of lifestyle, condition, and status, I am interested in empowering and manipulating the given intentions as it pertains to its initial fabrication. Altering intentions within my work, the fashion industry and identity through adornment is my driving curiosity. The conceptual narrative behind my work focuses on sustainability and accessibility in the global marketplace and textile industry. Working in a contemporary context, I find the necessary freedom for my works to be presented through the lens of painting, installation, or often as a utilitarian performance and live photographic documentation.