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Bound Embrace (detail)
Bound Embrace (detail)
Ink, graphite, watercolor, and digital print on paper
40" x 24"

Nicole Bourque - Artist Statement
This piece is titled Bound Embrace. The materials used in this piece are ink, graphite, and watercolor. The outline was digitally drawn and then printed. I added ink, watercolor, and graphite from there. I used these materials in a very delicate way to represent the fragility of trash pollution and how it is affecting animals. This piece illustrates the ties humans have to the environment; specifically, the absurd amount of trash and netting in the ocean. The drawing has an illustrative and beautiful
feel to it. My hope for this is so the piece is approachable. When talking about endangered species and environmental degradation, it is easy to come off as aggressive which makes it hard for people to want to learn more. I hope this piece inspires the viewer to think more about sustainability in their daily life and participate in the movement towards a cleaner Earth.

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