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Four color screen print
18" x 12"

Travis Hoctor - Artist Statement

I’ve used my work in the past to explore a multitude of digital mediums. I find in this day and age it’s one of the most impactful ways to engage a viewer. I have gained a new love for digital film, photography, and media in general. But while the root of my art is based in technology, I also share a great appreciation for nature. This project combines these elements in a way that familiarize the viewer, yet lends the medium to its own intentions.
Projected Nature is a multimedia representation of the earth around us. We are constantly overwhelmed with digital images of beautiful places around the globe. So much so, that people often find little reason to visit a place, when you can theoretically “see” the whole thing online. I wanted to highlight this phenomena by creating a three dimensional installation that brings nature into a new space. It shows projected elements of nature, glorifying it’s beauty. Yet, it is contained into a geometric, more manufactured sculpture. It also must be noted that the video’s elements are found online. This content was not created for the viewer, simply curated from the abundance of nature videos that exist to the public.
The Digital Abstraction series is a extension of this idea as well. While the screen-printed posters reflect more of a hand process, it’s photographic quality is rooted from the computer. The real-world is complicated in its color palette, no system we’ve created can truly replicate what our eyes can. Simplifying the digital image, to a half-toned, four-color print, is a drastic way of explaining how digitization deletes information from images, and how it will never be as effective as the gaze of our natural eye.

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