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Ella Expressions
Ella Expressions
Digital illustration

Sarah Obendorf - Artist Statement

For my BFA show I have taken the children's book Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine and create the start of a visual development portfolio project similar to one you would find for an animated feature. In order to bring the characters to life like they would for a film I have created character sheets for our main character Ella, her evil step sisters Hattie and Olive, and three supporting characters Prince Char, Lucinda, and Mandy. Through the use of digital illustration I have taken a world that existed inside of a book and brought it to life on a page. Giving each character their own individual personality and infusing my own sense of style into a cast of characters. Creating characters and fleshing out a world is something I feel strongly about and is one of the amazing things I get to work with when doing character design.

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