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10" x 7"

Benjamin Huynh - Artist Statement
An artist communicates to people through many media. Although the media are often closely linked to an artist and their identity, a true artist's skill is in sharing their knowledge. They use whatever means at their disposal to share with the world what they have to say. People identify me as a photographer and a printmaker, and my works come through photos and prints, sometimes in person and other times through digital means. The work I produce was sparked by other artists who spoke to me in my darkest hours. My mind, a chaotic path was once grounded by their works, is now grounded by my own work. The process of focusing a camera, or pulling ink back and forth draws me out of my mind from the rush of life and I find myself present.
The process is fast and it is slow, I follow my intuition and capture what draws my attention instantly. Yet afterward, I focus on it, spending hours interpreting the moments that come so instinctually to me, dwelling on what’s important and choosing what to say. I look at work and myself and integrate the two media, printmaking and photography, overlapping the two to create something new. I recollect who I was and who I can still grow into. I try to find a path after feeling so lost.
I only hope to find the way because I’ve realized I’m not a printmaker or a photographer, but a human. I’m an artist, attempting to communicate with others who feel the same as I do in whatever way I can. Attempting to show them and perhaps myself that I’m not alone. I feel this, and someone reading this might feel that “this is exactly how I feel and I’ve never been able to put the words to it.” And they might connect with someone in sharing the words they couldn’t say. I hope this will draw us closer, it hopefully encourages compassion, understanding, and connection between us all. We’re all not so different from one another although it may seem the contrary. This is the impact I’ll have on the world, however small or large, I can only hope.

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