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The Act

Elizabeth Larson - Artist Statement

The Act is a video performance piece intended to discuss the female gaze and the constructed female identity that is created in mass culture often seen in cinema through the male gaze. This piece purposefully embodies symbolism influenced by traditional high art paintings from the Italian Renaissance referencing the nude versus naked concept and the "Venus". The video is meant to explore social constructs, female sexuality and gender roles through contemporary art.

About the Artist

Elizabeth Larson is a multimedia artist graduating from Boise State University with a Bachelor's degree in Fines Arts with an emphasis in photography. Elizabeth works primarily in mediums of photography, video and installation.

Through Elizabeth's undergraduate career her primary focus was studying photography. By studying photography she came to understand composition, representation and construction. Being intrigued by representation and construction that we often see in photography she began constructing her own images. By examining images and cinema she began to realize how representation in mass culture influences the idea of self identity in our social structures. Her work primarily focuses on the human experience from a young woman's perspective.

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