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Doxorubicin (detail of page)
Doxorubicin (detail of page)
Artist book - watercolor on paper
10.5"x 4.5"

Miranda Stansbery - Artist Statement
The pair of works presented as part of this exhibition detail two separate spaces and experiences relating to a childhood cancer diagnosis. The locations and instruments explored look all too familiar to patients (or friends and family members of patients) who have experienced chronic illness—yet many of the feelings expressed are universal to all: loss, sorrow, pain, relief, rejoice, hope.
These books are collectively broken timelines that record distant and foggy memories, sensations, and emotions connected to the journey of a diagnosis during youth. The content within my work observes the spaces within these memories and works to connect the viewer with the subject’s environment by documenting and recounting these experiences, or by acquainting the viewer with feelings, sensations, and objects that may feel familiar to them. Doxorubicin invites the viewer into the “chemotherapy suite”—a clinical space where many forms of healing occur. Shine invites the viewer into a community built to support children and teens impacted by a diagnosis. My purpose in creating these is to create a space for discussion about cancer, whereas it is a topic that is often avoided. I seek to invite reflection within communities impacted by illnesses like cancer and to inform others of what the experience looks like through the perspective of a patient.

About the artist:
Miranda Stansbery grew up in Fruitland, Idaho, and is currently attending Boise State University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education. She feels compelled to pursue a career as an art educator as she has been inspired by the educators who have helped her to grow, learn, and discover a love for visual arts. Her aim is to do the same for her own students by teaching them how to think, conceptualize, communicate, and express themselves through art-making—and to help students discover a love for art within this process. Miranda’s artworks employ themes of nostalgia and reflection. She has always been engaged with art-making, beginning at an early age. As a child she most enjoyed the opportunity to talk about the things she enjoyed, or to simply create new ideas, characters, and experiences with art. Today, she enjoys creating art with this same purpose in mind by working with a childlike spirit—illustrating the things that shape the world around her.