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The Peaceable Kingdom
The Peaceable Kingdom
Wood and wood stain

Randy Carr - Artist Statement

As a pastor and artist, communication by visual expression is just as valuable a means of teaching as speaking or writing. It serves as visual illustration or a tactile illumination. The work set before you is based on the book of Isaiah Chapter 11 from Old Testament of the Holy Bible. I am interpreting the promise of a restored world to the original creation. Where all creatures and mankind shall dwell together in harmony. The purpose of this work is to emphasize the accessibility of God to his creation, by making this work durable and a playground. The viewer can interact with these pieces physically as well as visually. Art is fragile and needs to be protected but also needs to be accessible to be appreciated. This work is a place to sit, rest and contemplate to play and interact with the idea, that God is real and created all people and all forms of life. That He loves them and desires to have a relationship with them. The material I have chosen to use is wood in its natural log form and to carve, shape and form it using every tool available to me including hand processes and power tools. I follow the grain of the wood and allow it to lead to the final form. The natural setting for this work is a garden where you can contemplate and find peace or play. The choice of making these animal figures as close to life size or larger is exaggerated to make them easier to interact with.