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Ornamentation Transfiguration - Primordial Patriarch
Ornamentation Transfiguration - Primordial Patriarch
Digital illustration

Luan Teed - Artist Statement

Ornamentation Transfiguration is a series of illustrations of reinterpreted headdresses from around the world. I’m fascinated by the variety of accessories that societies choose to wear. The symbolism of each accessory and headdress makes clear the status of the wearer. I chose to portray the roles of a traditional royal family. I want to bring forth ancestral opulence through contemporary means to emphasize the fantastical accessories of the world. By connecting these ancient aesthetics to my digital process, I’m able to channel the past and present to create something new.

About the artist:
Luan (Lu-on) Teed is an illustrator based in Boise, ID she spends her days sipping coffee at coffee shops and sketching her simple surroundings.

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