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Place of Purpose #5
Place of Purpose #5
Linocut on paper

Keyra Faler - Artist statement
My work points to the idea of self, and where one might fit into the world. I address the notion of identity, and ask the viewer to consider its permanence. There are parts of us that may always be the same, and parts of us that are constantly changing. In my prints, I show the progression of those changes, while simultaneously keeping other facets the same. In the series Places of Purpose, I am telling my own personal story of identity. In each image represented, I am presenting a location I have overtaken at some point, to make life choices that would later alter and shape my identity.
The prints I am creating point out questions for the observer about our society, culture, and the relationship with others that viewers may not have thought to ask themselves. These themes often present themselves in less obvious ways, in an effort to let the viewer find out for themselves what my art is trying to allude to. History and culture are always influencing each other, fighting to be ahead of one another in society, this is where the ideas of tradition and progression meet, which is another facet my work attempts to address.

About the artist:
Keyra Faler is a current student at Boise State University, studying Art Education with an emphasis in printmaking, and political science. Faler’s work consists of contemporary and conceptual muses, dealing with personal culture, history, and the concept of identity.

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